Office Design Tips for Spring 2018

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Utilize a new office design in the springtime to get the energy and beauty of the spring inside your office.

As the winter season transitions into spring, and you feel the changes in the environment outside, it may be time to make some changes inside. Embrace the time of changing seasons to spruce up the office with special new office furniture and take the chance to do something new with your office design. Utilize a new office design in the springtime to get the energy and beauty of the spring inside your office.

Bring the Spring Outdoors Inside

One way to truly embrace the spring season with your office design, is by trying to bring a taste of Mother Nature into your office. You do not even need office furniture to get the spring feel inside. This can be done fairly simply by adding more plants and flowers to your office space. Also, find ways to allow more natural light inside since it is no longer the dreary, dark winter season.

Embrace the Cubicle

Many office spaces are embracing the office design of creating an open layout among their employees, creating fairly close and collaborative quarters. However, there is no denying that sometimes at work, you need some privacy to work on the task at hand. Adding semi-enclosed workspaces will allow for a somewhat open setting in your workspace while also granting privacy when needed. Giving your employees their own space also provides them with a bit of creative freedom to accessorize their workspace with whatever office furniture and accessories they like.

Feel Like home

Nothing can make your employees feel more comfortable than making your office design feel more like home. Make the office a tad more casual and cozy with the inclusion of bar, TV, game room, or even an office pet. Add a few pieces of more comfortable office furniture like you would find at home, rather than the standard uncomfortable office chairs that employees dread having to sit in for eight hours.

Collaborative Workplaces

One trend to follow this spring with office design is creating more open and collaborative workplaces in your office. These workplaces are perfect for a business that thrives on the cooperation and productivity of its employees. This is especially popular among millennial employees who will be entering the workforce as they soon graduate from college, especially since after years of schooling and group projects, they are already used to and groomed for this kind of work environment.

Office Furniture From Edwards & Hill

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