How To Design Your Office for the Millennial Workforce


Design your office with millennials in mind.

Currently, millennials are the largest generation currently in the U.S. workforce surpassing Gen Xers in 2015.  Millennials,  categorized as being born in the 1980s to the mid-1990s, are known for being tech-savvy and creative individuals.  With the number of millennials coming into the workforce increasing, it is important to design your office to inspire and drive their productivity.  Office design,in general, is constantly changing and needs to be adapted to fit the needs of young people coming into your job.  

Collaboration is Key

One of the best ways to fuel your millennial employee’s creativity and ideas are to create workshops spaces much like conference rooms.  Provide a space for them to work together, so they can increase productivity and expand the company.  Letting your employees collaborate also improves company culture and allows for a positive work environment.  Invest in comfortable furniture in your workshop space like lounge chairs, so your employees may relax and take a creative break.

Incorporate Active Design

Your office layout and design should encourage constant movement, so people have the ability to take a breather from their work.  Position key items like the copier or the coffee maker away from your employee’s work space to encourage interaction.  No one wants to sit in their office or cubicle alone all day.  Create a workplace where your employees can go and talk and socialize appropriately.  Having items like the kitchen aways from the general work area allows for people to walk around and talk to their fellow employees.

Embrace Technology

One of the biggest assets of millennials is their proficiency with technology and electronic equipment.  Invest in updated technology in your office so work can be completed efficiently and effectively.  Make sure all of your technology and equipment is user-friendly and can be operated by most of your employees.  

Office Furniture from Edwards & Hill

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