3 Classroom Room Design Tips

classroom design tips

There several things you need to consider when designing your classroom.

It is the end of the August, so that means most schools are about to open their doors for students to begin the new academic year.  One of the most important aspects of having a successful school year is having a well-designed classroom.  Whether you are teaching a class of kindergarteners or a 11th-grade advanced English class, your classroom needs to be designed to be an effective learning environment.  There are several design tips you can follow to have a well-designed classroom, so your students are comfortable and productive throughout the whole year.  

Start At Your Desk

A problem with many classrooms is that the teacher’s desk takes up too much space.  What tends to happen with teachers that have younger students is that their desks become overwhelmed with items and gifts.  Your desk should set the tone for how your students set up their own desk.  Try to make your desk as clean and organized as possible and that it does not distract your students.  Create an area for yourself where you can be productive, but also be aware of how much space you are taking.  

Organization Is Key

The best way to teach your students organizational skills is to first start with your classroom.  Create a clean and organized classroom is one of the best ways for your students to be productive.  Make sure all of the storage spaces are labeled and there are specific places for students to turn in their assignments.  Incorporate furniture into your classrooms that double as storage spaces for a variety of items.  Look into bookshelves that have a space for coats and double as a table.

Make Your Students Comfortable

Since your students are going to be in your classroom for about eight to nine months out of the year, they should be comfortable and relaxed.  Pick furniture items that will make your students comfortable, so they will pay attention during an important lesson.  

Classroom Furniture from Edwards & Hill

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