3 Design Tips To Make Your Office More Productive

Design your office so it is a productive environment for all employees.

Design your office so it is a productive environment for all employees.

An office space should be a comfortable and welcoming environment that allows you to be effective in your current position.  Whether you are building your office from the ground up or just making casual design changes, a workspace should be a happy and productive place for all employees.  There are several ways to design your office to make it a positive space for you to be as efficient as possible.  

Natural Light

Numerous studies show that natural light factors into an increase in productivity and energy for employees.  Who really wants to work in a dark and dreary office anyway?  Allowing the light from the outside to come into your office reduce eye fatigues and makes basic tasks easier to complete.  If you have the budget and time, create a more open space in your office for windows.  Although you can use the windows you already have but just make sure the desks are within view of them.  Do not have any desks and workstations in any dark corners of the office where people might feel claustrophobic.

Organization is Key

When it comes to your own personal workspace, cleanliness is important in maintaining a productive environment.  Clutter is easy to build up, so you have to be proactive when it comes to your office and desk.  Make sure all of your paper and important documents are organized and kept in an easy to reach location.  Have your desk be as clear as possible so you can be efficient when completing your assignments.  Take advantage of any storage spaces that are offered especially in small office environments.  

Bring the Outdoors Inside

One of the easiest ways to cultivate productivity at work is to integrate nature into your office.  Something as simple as a plant at your desk increases your work efficiency and attention.  Start with small plants at your desk and slowly move other aspects of nature into the reception area.  

Office Furniture from Edwards & Hill

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