Tips for Buying Classroom Furniture

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There several things you need to consider when buying classroom furniture.

Fall is creeping closer and closer every day, which means that kids across the country are preparing to head back to school. One of the most important things that many school systems are shifting their attention to is classroom furniture. Classroom furniture and the atmosphere in the classroom is starting to be known as the “third teacher,”.  When buying classroom furniture for your school or classroom, here are some of the things that you should keep in mind.

Function and Mobility

Collaborative learning environments need to incorporate furniture that is easy to move and rearrange. Many schools are moving towards using 100% classroom furniture that can be easily moved to adapt to different teaching styles and learning styles. Classroom furniture pieces with multiple uses are also becoming more popular. Simple rectangular tables can be used in rows for lectures, grouped together for small group activities, used for a play area, and used as lab tables for science class. The right classroom furniture is always flexible and able to adapt to the needs of everyone in the school.

Choose the Right Size

Children are not simply small adults, so classroom furniture should never simply be a smaller version of adult furniture. Many students are developing musculoskeletal disorders and back pain due to improperly designed classroom furniture. If your classroom doesn’t offer the support that students need to pay attention and stay comfortable during class, it might be contributing to this overarching problem. Choose seat heights that are appropriate for whichever age group that your school works with.

Pick Furniture That Is Healthy

A growing number of schools are also becoming “green schools”, which are dedicating to providing education while also protecting the environment. Choose classroom furniture pieces that meet health standards and that have low levels of volatile organic compounds. If you are interested in stepping up your commitment, choose classroom furniture that has additional certifications like Greenguard or NAUF.

Classroom Furniture from Edwards & Hill

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