Top 4 Office Design Trends

office design trends

Creating a functional office space is essential for productivity.

The study of ergonomics has existed for centuries and is the study of efficiency. The word ergonomic is something you have likely heard in relation to the office or study. Believe it or not, there are people who work tirelessly to analyze trends of millennials and seasoned workers alike for the best in office trends yearly. Here are some of the top trends for your office this year.

The Clean Cut Trend

The clean cut, ultra modern and sleek look has also been a prized trend in architecture as well as offices. The modern desk has several electronics on it at any given time. From scanners to monitors to laptops and personal items, wires can really get in the way of productivity. For a more clean cut look in your office, consider buying desks with discreet holes for wires to go through and look at the clean and simple options when it comes to office furniture.

Consider Multipurpose Space

Believe it or not, even the desktop computer is going to some offices and employees come in armed with their own laptops. In multipurpose workspaces, there may be a cafeteria type setting with nothing assigned, rather casual and relaxed seating for everyone. Having a casual lounge area and a defined work area can help increase productivity they say.

Community Feel

The community and group feel can be very positive in the work place. While not always the best choice for every employee, community tables can help people get things done and encourage your team to work together. By encouraging your office to become more open and free to interact at larger table together you may not only increase friendliness but come out with some collaborative ideas.

Bring the Outdoors In

Wood panel designs, floral patterns in fabric or on artwork can be calming. A natural and comfortable feel for your office can be beneficial for stress levels. Many people get antsy being inside all day, bringing the outdoors in and opening up the office with windows can make the office seem much less inhibited.

Office Furniture from Edwards & Hill Office Furniture

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