How Can I Improve My Office Cubicle?

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Learn how to improve the design and feel of your office cubicle.

A large proportion of the working population is sequestered into an office, and for some, that means having to work inside a gray square cube 40 hours a week.  Working in an office cubicle can be tight corners for some and offer minimal privacy.  Although, you are not forced to look at gray walls all day, and you can customize the space to meet your needs.  There a few ways to improve your cubicle design so you can be more productive and happier at work.   

Transform The Walls and Floor

One of the first tasks to improve your office cubicle is to add some color and flair to your walls.  No one wants to stare at gray walls all day, so you can go as drastic as adding removable fabric to act as wallpaper.  A more simple way to transform your walls is to hang up some pictures, posters, or even bulletin boards.  Hanging up bulletin boards is a great way to improve your cubicle design and stay organized at the same time.  Don’t forget up floors; bring in some colorful rugs or mats to spruce up your cubicle.

Light It Up

One of the best ways to improve productivity and overall mood of employees is to bring in natural lighting into a space.  Since you are in a cubicle, you may not have the luxury of having access to natural light.  Bring in some string Christmas lights or small lamps with full spectrum bulbs to counteract the overhead fluorescent lighting.  Full spectrum bulbs are one of the best ways to imitate natural sunlight so you can be productive throughout the workday.  


Bring in items into your space that will express your individuality and improve your performance at work.  Think about investing in small, low maintenance plants to add some energy to the office.  You have something to take care of, and it will brighten the days of your coworkers.  You can also bring in any knickknacks or toys that will make you happy and entertain you throughout the day.  

Let Edwards & Hill Help You Feel Comfortable In The Office

Furniture can determine mood in more ways than you might initially suspect. Need help choosing the right commercial furniture for your office space? Edwards & Hill can help you plan and install. Edwards and Hill is a leading office furniture supply and installation firm, able to install one cubicle with its applicable furnishings and computer hardware, yet equally adept at installing hundreds of cubicles, performing office relocation and reconfiguration services, including workstations, multiple offices, chairs, filing cabinets, and more. If you’re interested in talking to a professional about any of our services contact us at 301-317-4250.


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