How Your Home Work Space Can Maximize Productivity

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Let your home office show your design taste while also allowing you to work efficiently. Here are some quick tips when considering your home office design.

In a world where working from home is becoming more prevalent than ever before, it’s smart to seriously consider your home office design.  Don’t let furnishing and decorating your home office be a daunting task.  Even though this is your space for work, it is still your space in your own home.  Let it show your design taste while also allowing you to work efficiently. Here are some quick tips when considering your home office design.

Choose the Best Space Possible

This is your work we’re talking about, so don’t be afraid to take over some prime real estate within your home.  When considering a location for your home office, a room with natural light will maximize your mood along with your productivity.  Many interior design professionals recommend putting your desk directly in front of a window, instead of a boring, uninteresting wall.  Let the light in, and your work will flow more easily.

Get Creative With Your Organization

Along with location, organization is an important aspect of home office design.  Think about going horizontal as well as vertical with your organization. Most home offices are not quite as spacious as might like them to be, so it’s crucial to use some wall space for storage.

Invest In Your Comfort

A nice chair goes a long way.  Even though you’re in your own home, you’ll be sitting in one seat for hours at a time.  Investing in a good office chair will save you from pain and discomfort that can last well after your workday.  Ergonomically-designed chairs are becoming more and more popular because they keep both style and comfort in mind.

Stay True to Your Style

Whatever your home’s overall style is, your home office can match it.  If your personal taste is more traditional, then opt for desk surfaces and chairs with a dark, natural-looking finish.  Maybe your home has a more contemporary feel, with sleek lines and angles. Your office should match that contemporary design.  Let your home office feel natural in your home by integrating your own tastes and style.

Office Furniture from Edwards & Hill

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