Back to School: Creating the Ideal Classroom Layout

ideal classroom

Now is the perfect time to give your classroom a makeover.

It’s back to school season, and if you’re a teaching professional you may be thinking about how you plan to set up your classroom layout. As you gear up for the new school year, now is the perfect time to redefine your classroom space in a way that optimizes it for more effective learning and discussion. In the past, classrooms have focuses on “chalk and talk” setups where desks were bolted in rows behind the teacher. But in recent years, educational layouts have trended to more flexible and open designs. Here are a few tips for improving your classroom layout.

Ensure work flows throughout the classroom. Modern classrooms don’t just throw students in one spot and the teacher in another, but instead focus on creating a space that encourages sharing and collaboration. Students are more eager to participate when they don’t feel segregated from the rest of the group.

Keep learning materials easily accessible and in abundance. Books and extra work supplies should be readily available.

Designated learning areas. Creating space where students can work in smaller groups and feel secure can go a long way toward building a better learning environment. Rather than yelling across the classroom all the time, use a space where students can have more face to face interactions with one another.

Strategically place the teacher’s desk. The front of the room isn’t always the best place for a teacher’s desk. Putting the desk at the back of the classroom could help maximize the space you have for students to learn, and also improve student morale. Try to build a layout that reinforces the importance of collaboration and teamwork.

Get smart with the right decor. You may not always be able to rearrange your classroom into the perfect layout, but you can still try and spice up the atmosphere with better learning decor. Choosing colors and themes that make children feel at ease is especially important for younger students.

Get students involved. Another great idea for some classrooms is to have the kids try and draw pictures of how they would like the classroom to be arranged. This makes for an excellent team building or icebreaker exercise, and who knows? You may be surprised to find some ideas that really work.

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