2016’s Top Office Design Trends

office design trends

Modern office design is all about teamwork and company culture.

Is your office space feeling dull and lifeless? 2016 is the year to finally come up with an alternative design strategy that will, hopefully, make workers happier and more productive. The best workspaces provide a variety of destinations for workers to inhabit and promote movement throughout the day. Here are a few office design trends that will help you make the most out your office.

Trend #1: Hide the Wires

Between wires, laptops, electronic devices, docking stations, and other personal items, there are just too many things on a desk these days. Eliminating clutter is a #1 priority in modern office design. Wires, in particular, are unsightly and get in the way too often. A $30,000 conference table can look terrible if wires are not properly concealed. Many manufacturers these days are developing solutions that make hiding wires simple and clean.

Trend #2: Flexible Workspaces

Cubicles and permanent layouts just aren’t practical anymore. Modern office spaces provide multiple, shared workspaces that make collaboration much easier. Many more oval-shaped office desks, which are convenient for group work, are being installed. Mobile furniture and modular office components make the workplace dynamic and more accessible.

Trend #3: Bring the Outdoors In

Nature is a critical component in modern office designs. Natural flora, reclaimed wood panel installations, and exposed concrete flooring are common trends. Prominent plant life, fabric patterns and artwork are making workplaces more “breathable” and homey. Greater emphasis on varied materials help create richer, more thoughtful environments. Employees want to feel cozy, and these tiny finishes and details make all the difference.

Trend #4: Color Coordination

Good office design these days avoids a lot of the color problems of old: cold, boring, harsh. Office environments organized by color help improve productivity, happiness, organization, and creativity. Research indicate the color choices are incredibly important in determining mood, and modern office design should take advantage.

Trend #5: Community is Key

Modern businesses are putting significantly more emphasis on teamwork and company culture. Community tables and collaborative furniture design puts the sense of kinship and alliance at the forefront of the work environment. The table is the defining feature of the workplace, so it needs to exhibit characteristics that are accommodating, relaxed and congenial.

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