4 Ways Furniture Determines Mood

furniture determines mood

The right furniture can uplift moods and attitudes in the office.

Although many furniture options are utilitarian by design, you might be surprised to find out that furniture can play a bigger role in our lives than simply providing a place to sit. Furniture can improve our work efficiency and posture, but it also can have a significant impact on your everyday mood. Here are four often overlooked ways in which furniture determines mood.

Movement and Traffic

A good office layout encourages productivity, and part of that is determining the flow of traffic in your space. Maximizing the space you have to work with is key. An open layout, for example, will encourage employees to be social and collaborative. If your office space is bottlenecked by misplaced furniture it will be difficult to get things done and people will be hesitant to move around.

Color and Emotion

The colors you choose for your furnishings are more important than you may know. Intense colors like red, for example, will raise a room’s energy level. Red is a good choice for a conference room or area where you would like to provoke stimulating conversation. Yellow furniture is uplifting and communicates happiness. Blue and green signal rest and relaxation, and might be a good option for medical furniture. Purple inspires creativity, and black furniture can be seen as commanding or authoritative. Orange is a great choice for inspiring motivation in education environments. Brown furniture adds comfort and warmth to space.

Motivation and Tone

Furniture can shape our day to day attitudes. Good office furniture promotes collaboration, productivity, and creativity. Some furniture layouts inspire competition. You shouldn’t just line your furniture up against the wall. Instead, try to determine a point of interest in your space and arrange your furniture around it. The way you arrange your furniture will determine the message you want your space to send. A conference room with a square table will establish authority whereas a round table will inspire discussion.

Let Edwards & Hill Help Set The Mood

Furniture can determine mood in more ways than you might initially suspect. Need help choosing the right commercial furniture for your office space? Edwards & Hill can help you plan and install. Edwards and Hill is a leading office furniture supply and installation firm, able to install one cubicle with its applicable furnishings and computer hardware, yet equally adept at installing hundreds of cubicles, performing office relocation and reconfiguration services, including workstations, multiple offices, chairs, filing cabinets, and more. If you’re interested in talking to a professional about any of our services contact us at 301-317-4250.


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