Creating a Sense of Escape: Hospitality Design Trends

hospitality design trends

Modern hospitality design trends are all about bringing the outside in.

Modern hotel designs are all about sweeping us away to a place far removed from the troubles of our daily lives. No one wants to open their hotel room door after a lengthy business trip only to be met by a cold, lifeless interior reminiscent of their office cubicle. Just as office spaces are becoming more freewheeling and open, modern hotel interiors must invite guests into a space that can put their minds at ease. Here are just a few of the up and coming hospitality design trends.

Reenvisioning the Lobby

Creating a striking first impression is important for modern hotels. The new lobby is dynamic, multi-purpose, and provides ample opportunity for social encounters. A simple sofa-coffee table arrangement won’t cut it anymore. Instead, the lobby space should focus on delivering a functional, comfortable intimate space. Multimedia stations, indoor nature (gardens, waterfalls), and vibrant chandeliers/lighting installations are some common features included in modern lobby spaces.

Better Guestroom Configurations

Too long hospitals have been stuck in the same bed-table-locker configuration that you can find just about anywhere. A lack of imagination in hospitality spaces reminds people of work and their daily ritual. Modern guestrooms should surprise and delight their guests wherever possible. Even the smallest details, like local art, smart technology, an eclectic decor mix, or even an interesting looking television panel, can help break guests out of the monotony of their day. These are the kinds of rooms that people want to return to.

Blurring Nature’s Boundaries

Modern hotels, even smaller ones, should think of themselves as the destination, and not a stop along the way. Unusual themes can make your hospitality space more memorable than the rest. Sensory experiences go a long way here. Remember that people are stifled by their office interiors every day. Take advantage of nature and make the transition between indoor and outdoor as ethereal as possible. Wood paneling, stone decorations, and green features can help. Try to focus on making the most of views and natural lighting.

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