Harmful Effects of Poor Office Ergonomics

Harmful Effects of Poor Office Ergonomics

Office ergonomics affects worker productivity and wellness. Don’t let it be a detriment to your workplace!

We’ve mentioned before how one of the greatest mistakes in office design is not accounting for office ergonomics. Work life in an office is already a relatively sedentary one, which on its own can cause health issues to develop in the long run. When poor office ergonomics further exacerbates a predominantly sedentary work environment, the harmful effects on employee wellness are magnified. These are a few of the negative effects of poor posture and office ergonomics on workers, plus some tips to remedy the situation.

Bad Mood and Stress

By sitting at a workspace with bad office ergonomics, it can negatively impact an employee’s mood and mental strain. Sitting hunched over at their office desk for extended periods slows down internal processes and lowers energy levels. This is because too much sitting, and poor posture to boot, causes our cardiovascular systems and metabolic systems not to perform their functions properly. Overall, this contributes to workers feeling more irritability, depression, anxiety, and undue stress in the long term.

Physical Toll

More bodily and visible signs of adverse well-being can be experienced with poor office ergonomics. Sitting with bad posture causes muscle and joint pains office workers are all too familiar with. The prolonged bad posture compresses on lungs and digestive organs, which cause breathing issues and stomach discomfort. These physical effects play a role in creating the mental and emotional harm previously mentioned. Other physical signs of bad ergonomics and prolonged sitting are bruises on wrists and forearms, as well as the formation of varicose veins due to poor circulation.

Diminished Work Performance

There’s no question that these physical and mental strains on workers will diminish their work performance and output. Poor productivity can further hurt employee self-esteem and burn out quickly. Moreover, employers won’t be happy with reduced productivity. They can see their workforce grow more tired and unmotivated, even though it appears nothing has changed operationally. Poor office ergonomics is a silent productivity killer.

Improving Wellness and Office Ergonomics

There are two pieces of advice to remedy bad office ergonomics if you begin to notice these signs. The first is to invest in ergonomic office furniture and creating a more comfortable workspace. The second is to promote wellness and health amongst employees, even in subtle ways. This can mean encouraging workers to take a break and walk away from their desk periodically. Checking in with each other can provide each other with a few minutes of pleasant chatter, then they can return to work more refreshed and hopefully in better posture. Even advocating for better workplace nutrition, such as catering healthy food options for lunch, works to improve overall employee well-being.

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