Trends in Medical and Healthcare Office Design

Trends in Medical and Healthcare Office Design

Modern healthcare office design trends focus on more than traditional waiting rooms and clinical spaces.

All work settings, including medical office settings, can benefit from improved design. The newest trends in healthcare office design aim to improve how medical staff and patients interact with the space and receive healthcare services. As such, many of these healthcare office design trends prioritize aesthetics, as well as practical and functional design elements. Healthcare workers can perform their duties better, and visitors are left with a positive patient experience.

Variety of Adaptable Spaces

Healthcare office design should encompass more than the waiting room and examination rooms. Like other professional settings, there should be ample space for private offices, conference rooms, and other space designations for individual or collaborative needs. Healthcare workers need more secluded areas to concentrate and work at times, so private offices are a must. It can also afford more privacy and comfort when doctors meet with patients to discuss health-related issues. More and more, there are needs for cross-departmental collaboration or shareable spaces that can configure to suit group-centered activities, like group therapy sessions or health workshops. Providing various types of furniture can make these areas more adaptable to different needs.

Incorporate Natural Elements

Elements of nature bring back warmth and comfort to healthcare office designs that are often devoid of familiar accents. Using wood furniture, maximizing natural light, painting the walls or using artwork with earthy color palettes, and even adding potted plants invoke more relaxation than leaving the surrounding cold and clinical feeling. More extensive medical facilities can have pleasant courtyards, and more inviting waiting rooms could include a small aquarium.

Implement Patient-Centered Technology

While natural elements add aesthetic appeal and soothe our senses, we can’t forget to embrace technology too. The right technological additions can vastly improve patient care. For example, digital patient check-in stations or kiosks can welcome visitors with ease. The healthcare office design can work in conjunction with healthcare industry trends, such as the boom of telemedicine. In that case, individual physician offices should be optimized to hold virtual medical consultations.

Build Efficiency Into Workstations

It’s not quite enough to create a central workstation for nurses to do their vital work. While strategically placing the nurses’ workstation where they can easily collaborate with each other, with doctors, and quickly get to patients is helpful, more can be done. Private work areas and unique station configurations may be required to fully cater to each medical office’s nursing — and even administrative — duties. 

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