Study Spaces and Education Furniture for Colleges

Study Spaces and Education Furniture for Colleges

Strategic interior design and appropriate use of education furniture make more study spaces available to every type of university student.

Students at colleges and universities are doing just as much, if not more, schoolwork outside of their lecture halls and classrooms than inside. But, they’re still on-campus while completing their studies. Study spaces, transition areas, and the education furniture that makes up these settings are crucial to the college environment. The academic buildings, student unions, libraries, and more all can offer students a place to study, work, and socialize with classmates. Strategic interior design and appropriate use of education furniture make more of these vital study spaces available to every type of university student.

Offer a Variety of Seating

There’s no denying that students will have their individual preferences for seating that is most comfortable or most conducive to focusing on their projects or study material. Therefore, colleges need to realize this when they acquire and furnish their buildings with education furniture. Not all pieces will look like highly-designed study pods, and not every seat will be intended for strictly work or relaxing. In fact, it’s more a matter of supplying enough variety of seating for students and groups to decide how they will most enjoy and benefit from using the given space. There should be a good mix of casual sofas, armchairs, lounge chairs, and benches, along with traditional tables and chairs or cubicle-like seating.

Create Collaborative Areas

Group projects and group studying are commonplace across most campuses. Study areas should be optimized for collaborative work to give these students a place to work without resorting to distraction-filled, socializing spaces, like a dining hall, just to find enough room. Providing a large work surface is an excellent place to start. Mobile furniture makes it easier to rearrange study spaces to accommodate their specific work or size of student study groups. Enclosed study spaces are highly sought after by groups and individuals alike since these tend to be the most distraction-free work areas apart from an empty classroom.

Cater to Solo Students

Don’t forget that not all students study in groups. Some even need independent studying time to really get good work done. However, while there are a fair amount of students that look for secluded areas to work, many actually like working among peers while focusing on their own tasks. Study areas should contain setups that allow these types of students to work in an environment surrounded by other studious individuals. Many colleges even designate enclosed study areas as quiet study places only for this purpose. Plus, some students are just looking for a place to catch up on their notes in between classes. Just offer enough seating around campus for them to choose how to pass the time.

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