Workplace Wellness Tips and Tricks

Workplace Wellness Tips and Tricks

These workplace wellness tips help keep your office workers healthy and happy.

When it comes to a healthy workspace, there is a lot to consider. You have to take the office space and budget into consideration, while also accommodating your employees and their individual workspace needs. Each and every employee has their own work ethic, focus and drive. Although it isn’t possible to design a workspace that is perfect for each individual employee, it is possible to design an office environment with a healthy atmosphere and multiple workspace options that can give employees the versatility they desire. This will lead to more productive, happy and motivated employees.

Employees spend the majority of each workday at their desk taking phone calls, working on their computers, and going over documents. As a result, their desk setups and supplies are very important to their daily function and health. It’s important to make sure your employees are comfortable and situated with their workspaces to encourage more efficient production of tasks throughout the workweek. 

Ergonomic Office Design

A few ways you can ensure your employees are getting the best and most comfortable use out of their work stations is to supply them with everything they need to have an ergonomic office. From furniture to equipment, a few added items have the potential to promote the productivity you’re seeking. A few of these items include:

  1. Ergonomic Office Chairs 
  2. Laptop or Monitor Stands 
  3. Standing or Adjustable Desks 
  4. Organization Accessories 
  5. Blue Light Glasses 

Supplying employees with ergonomic office chairs will give them better support and the ability to adjust their back support and height. These adjustments will allow them to maintain eye-level with their monitors and avoid slouching or hunching to look at their computer screens. Laptop or monitor stands have a similar effect as they allow you to lift your computer screen to eye level. 

Standing or adjustable desks allow employees to change positions throughout their day based on their needs. With these desks, employees can go from sitting to standing seamlessly and as often as they want, which can deter sedentary lifestyles and increase both blood flow and focus.

Promoting Efficiency through Organization

Providing employees with desk organization accessories will help them keep everything organized and close, so they have everything at hand. Staying organized will promote productivity and efficiency, as employees will spend less time searching for supplies. Additionally, having all supplies, telephones, computer mouses, and keyboards close will prevent them from overreaching and overextending, both of which can hurt posture. 

Mitigating the Effects of Blue Light

To further promote efficiency and comfort in the workplace, supply your employees with blue light glasses, which work to block the blue light radiating off of digital screens (i.e., computer screens, smartphones, tablets). In fact, these glasses can eliminate headaches, migraines, loss of focus, digital eye strain, blurred vision, and irritated dry eyes caused by blue light.

Creating an efficient workspace can be difficult, but it is possible after some consideration and a deeper understanding of what drives employee productivity. By supplying employees with ergonomic workstations and a healthy atmosphere consisting of bright natural lighting and an open concept will benefit both them and the company overall. Different workspace options, such as collaborative work areas, different seating options throughout the office like quiet rooms or strategically placed couches and chairs, and ergonomic workstations, will fuel their creativity and production in the workspace every week.

Let Edwards & Hill Help Design Your Office

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