Office Desk Setup Tips

Office Desk Setup Tips

Set yourself up for success with these office desk setup tips and ideas!

When you spend your days working at an office, you’re likely spending most of your time sitting at your desk while you get your work done. To set yourself up for productivity and success, you need to set up your office desk to reflect those goals. Personalizing your office desk to suit your work style while keeping everything organized drastically impacts your output. Try out some of these workspace and office desk setup tips to see if it improves your productivity, or if it at least lifts your spirits.


Your office desk size may be pre-determined by what the company provides you. Just make sure it has enough space for your computer without leaving you feeling cramped. A large desk can quickly get filled with clutter while a too-small desk leaves one feeling trapped. The perfect size desk for you will depend on your expected tasks. Additionally, if you have a say in your office desk, try opting for one that can adjust to a standing desk. 


Ergonomic chairs are a must for comfort and long-term use. The right chair for you lets you sit with your feet flat on the ground while offering ample lower back support. Posture-correcting chairs gently remind your body to sit up straight to avoid unnecessary strain on your muscles and joints.


Using ergonomic desk accessories can go a long way in making sure you’re comfortable while you work. There are plenty of ergonomic keyboards, mouses, and mouse pads that help reduce strain on your arms and wrists. If your computer screen is too low, you could be hunching or tilting your neck. Get a screen raiser or laptop stand so that the top of the screen is eye-level with you when you’re sitting in your chair.


Organizers keep distracting messes away yet makes it easy for you to grab your office supplies and files when needed. You are much more productive when you don’t need to search through a small mountain of items on your desk to locate a document or a pen. Additionally, get cable organizers to manage the tangle of wires from your computer, laptop, phone chargers, and other miscellaneous cords.


Simple adjustments can influence your work. Try positioning your desk near a window to increase your exposure to natural light. Good lighting is essential for feeling alert and focused, so add a desk lamp for nights when you’re working after the sun has set. Keeping a small potted plant on or near your desk is another fun extra to have at work. The bit of greenery can improve your mood, reduce stress, and help purify the office air. A nice coaster can act as a paperweight and gives you a place to set down your daily cups of coffee or tea.

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