Improvements for Open-Office Layouts

Improvements for Open-Office Layouts

Open-office layouts are great, but there are ways to make them better. Check out these tips for your office design!

Open-office layouts continue to dominate in office settings across several companies. Variations of open-office layouts, such as activity-based working, have emerged to address some common concerns that come with open office plans, especially in regards to how employees can work better. While many of today’s office spaces are uninterrupted and large spaces, there are ways to improve the function and purpose of the workplace with smart office design tactics. Here are some things you might consider implementing in your office buildings with open-office layouts.

Reflect Company Values

Open-office layouts must move away from the idea of a sea of desks for employees. The office design and layout should reflect what the company values in its services and cater the office space to fulfill those needs. A company that provides creative solutions and products should set aside areas to facilitate independent and collaborative work, possibly enhanced with inspirational and artistic elements. Conversely, a company that offers more professional services and requires client-facing interactions should implement plenty of private meeting areas for when a client visits. This principle creates a better reflection of your core values and services, as well as makes it easier for your employees to follow through.

Limit Distractions While Working

Distractions, both noise and visual, are abundant in open-office layouts. Some people find it more difficult than others to focus with all types of stimuli going on around them. There are a few ways to reduce distractions without interfering with your employees’ means of working. You can install sound-masking systems to drown out distracting conversations. Sound dampening ceiling installations or carpet flooring can reduce echo-y noises and suppress louder volumes. Moveable barriers and desks let employees modify their immediate surroundings to limit visual distractions. Be sure to provide private rooms or sectional seating for individual or small teams to work. Creating dedicated group work spaces also helps contain noise and visual disruptions from multiple people and prevents it from interfering with others.

Encourage Movement

A perk of having an open office is having few space constraints when creating different work areas. Set your office amenities up that would encourage your employees to move around and try out different settings to see which is most conducive to their given tasks. Be sure to create distinct areas with different feels, like a more laidback break area with comfy sofas or a collaborative space with plenty of moveable chairs and desks. Encouraging employees to have a bit of a change in scenery can make every day at the office feel a little different and offer some fresh perspective on a project.

Let Edwards & Hill Help Design Your Office

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