Wood Office Furniture: Pros and Cons

Wood Office Furniture: Pros and Cons

Wood office furniture could help your office design make the right impression!

How practical is wood office furniture, and is there a place for it in modern offices in 2020? Today’s office furniture manufacturers can produce all sorts and styles of high-quality furniture from various materials. Wood furniture, especially solid wood, has been a long-time popular choice in many professional settings. Nowadays, it faces stiff competition for floor space in many types of workplaces and company buildings. Wood office furniture has plenty of pros and cons. There are a couple of things one should consider before deciding where they could benefit from using wood desks and chairs, or whether it’s better worth looking into other types of furniture material.

Pros of Wood Office Furniture

Nothing commands a room’s attention more than a robust, well-crafted wood desk. To complete a private office’s full furniture ensemble, other wood office furniture pieces can be added, including coffee tables, bookshelves, cabinets, and wood-framed chairs. Solid wood furniture looks refined, classy, and warm, which helps portray an air of professionalism in office settings. For those who meet with client-facing positions, bringing them to your wood furnished office is sure to leave an impressive and confident impression. Well-made wood furniture is known to be quite durable and long-lasting with proper care. You won’t need to worry about replacing your furniture often due to regular wear. Plus, wood furniture comes in many different, often unique, colors and patterns, as well as several constructions ranging from traditional desks to robust conference tables.

Cons of Wood Office Furniture

The high-quality finish and performance of solid wood office furniture come with some drawbacks. Firstly, solid wood furniture typically costs much more than other furniture made with other materials. Hand-made pieces are sure to be more expensive still. Secondly, solid wood is a heavy material. While this does contribute to its durable construction, it can be tough to assemble, or even rearrange in your office space. All of this is factored into the price of purchasing and installing wood furniture. All wood furniture is susceptible to moisture problems. While a wood desk could handle everyday office use, it would not be ideal when multiple people are frequently using it as a shared workspace and subjecting it to plenty of spilled coffee or tea.

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