The Benefits of Wood Office Furniture

wood office furniture for arbor day

Celebrate Arbor Day with these benefits of wood office furniture

April 29th is Arbor Day — a day to plant a tree, hug a tree, or at least think about trees a little more than you usually do. It may seem counterintuitive to celebrate Arbor Day this way, but we figure that celebrating our fallen arboreal friends is at least a step in the right direction. We’ll go hug some living trees later. For more about choosing responsibly sourced wood furniture, check out last week’s Earth Day blog. Then make sure you come back to this week’s blog post for more about the benefits of wood office furniture.

Health Benefits of Wood Office Furniture

Believe it or not, wood furniture and interior design features have been shown to provide a fair amount of legitimate health benefits. A recent report by Planet Ark’s Make It Wood campaign, titled Wood – Housing, Health, Humanity, examined the currently expanding body of research into the benefits of living, working, and learning in spaces full of wooden furniture and fixtures. The study found that the presence of wood has positive psychological and physiological benefits that replicate the benefits of spending time out in nature. Things like feelings of natural warmth and comfort contribute to lowered blood pressure, stress, and anxiety, and increasing positive social interactions. Wood office furniture can also improve indoor air quality by regulating humidity.

Other Benefits of Wood Office Furniture

Other studies have shown that wood is overall a great design choice to please groups across multiple generations. It’s a timeless material that speaks for workers from the oldest baby boomers to the youngest new working millennials. Additionally, wood is fairly easy to maintain, and can be refurbished very effectively for a good-as-new visual appeal — something that man-made pieces can’t offer. Lastly, because of the reduced stress and anxiety mentioned above, workers in spaces furnished prominently by wood have been shown to be happier and more productive — a plus for both you and your employees.

Remember, as long as the wood is sustainably sourced, wood office furniture holds a ton of benefits for you, your business, your employees, and even the environment.

Choose Wood Office Furniture with Edwards & Hill

Edwards & Hill Office Furniture is proud to furnish corporate offices as well as providing quality furniture for hospitality businesses, educational settings, local casinos, and healthcare facilities. Tony Hill, Managing Partner, and Hans Edwards, Partner, have been working together since 1998 to provide quality multimedia and furniture products and services to a number of different businesses and industries. To get started with Edwards & Hill, call us today at 301-317-4250. You can also fill out our online contact form to ask specific questions about any of our products or services.


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