Enforcing Good Posture at Work with Ergonomic Office Furniture

ergonomic office furniture

Poor ergonomics in a workplace can lead to uncomfortable and disgruntled employees.

May 2016 is Correct Posture Month. We know, it sounds made up, but we promise it isn’t. The Internet says so right here, and everything you read on the Internet is true, right? With that in mind, it seems as good a time as any to talk about the negative health effects of bad posture, the positive health effects of good posture, and the importance of keeping good posture at work. Spoiler alert: ergonomic office furniture can help significantly.

Negative Health Effects of Bad Posture

No matter if you’re sitting or standing, watching TV or looking at your work computer, failure to keep your spine in a healthy position can result in a plethora of negative health effects. Back and neck problems are obvious, but it can also lead to headaches, arthritis, and complications in the respiratory, circulatory, and even digestive systems. It creates fatigue and puts strain on bones, joints, and muscles. It can even make you feel more sullen, less confident, and generally speaking makes you look frumpy and unprofessional.

Positive Health Effects of Good Posture

Most of the positive health effects of good posture can be derived from the inverse of the negative health effects. You prevent all that strain on your body. You feel healthier, happier, and more confident. You can focus better and longer. You’ll look better. It’s all good news when you keep good posture.

Help Your Workplace Posture with Ergonomic Office Furniture

Ergonomic office furniture is designed to keep your health and productivity in mind. As such, proper ergonomic office furniture selections will keep you in good shape at the office. This means choosing a chair that supports your back and hips well, in addition to choosing a desk that sits at the appropriate height to keep your neck and shoulders in their proper alignment when working at a computer all day. For more about choosing ergonomic office furniture, check out some of our past blog posts about ergonomics.

For a little more information about keeping proper posture, check out this resource from Spine-Health.com with tips and tricks.

Choose Ergonomic Office Furniture at Edwards & Hill

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