Stand Up for Office Health with an Adjustable Height Desk

Adjustable height desk

An adjustable height desk can do wonders for your workplace health.

A staggering percentage of the American workforce spends all day in a chair, behind a desk, with little to no physical activity, and the effects are starting to show. Rather than launch into a diatribe about the dangers of sitting sedentary all day, we’ll just leave this infographic here for you to peruse at your leisure. Let us assure you, it’s some serious stuff. So how can an office furniture supplier help solve this epidemic? It all starts with an adjustable height desk.

Get Up and Get Moving

The human body was not meant to sit all day. But in today’s digital world, that’s exactly what many of us do. Take it straight from the mouth of obesity expert Dr. James Levine when he says, “Sitting all day is literally killing us.” We know that many jobs require you to be behind a desk all day, which can create a problem when it comes to combatting the negative effects of sitting all day. The solution is easy. Just stand up. With an adjustable desk, you’re no longer confined to your chair all day, where you’re burning just 1 calorie per minute, and heightening your risk for cardiovascular disease at an alarming rate. Even in the most comfortable ergonomic chairs don’t satisfy the need to get up and get moving.

Benefits of an Adjustable Height Desk

Movement is crucial to our health, it’s as simple as that. When you stand, you gain a load of health benefits, including:

  • Less pressure on intervertebral discs of the lower back, meaning less back pain from sitting all day.
  • Increased calorie burn — a study from Mayo Clinic shows that you can burn up to 340 more calories per day by just spending two hours of your work day standing instead of sitting.
  • A longer life, because sitting for more than 6 hours a day increases mortality by 37%.

But you’ll notice that we specify adjustable height rather than immovable standing desks. That’s because standing all day has its own set of potential harm. Poor posture can add alternative stress to your back muscles, while standing perfectly still for extended periods of time can harm your knees and ankles. The act of standing up and sitting down, changing your position throughout the day, has been shown to have the most positive health effects.

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