Proven Benefits of Ergonomic Office Furniture


Poor ergonomics in a workplace can lead to uncomfortable and disgruntled employees.

The word itself feels important. It feels right coming out of your mouth. Ergonomics. That, right there, is the exact purpose of ergonomics — to optimize efficiency, safety, comfort, and health in working environments. By incorporating a good ergonomic process into your workplace, you’ll likely notice a strong upward trend in productivity, product quality, and cost savings. The following are five statistically proven effects of an ergonomically sound workplace.

1. Reduced Costs

By optimizing your office furniture’s ergonomics, you in turn reduce risk factors of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) that can be quite costly to a company. Approximately $1 of every $3 spent on workers’ compensation is a result of MSDs, meaning the simple task of getting new office furniture can create plenty of cost savings.

2. Improved Productivity

Designing a workspace to allow for optimal posture, less physical exertion, and fewer extraneous movements will create a much more efficient workspace. Less time spent moving or reaching and less physical fatigue means more time spent working.

3. Improved Quality

A workspace that isn’t designed with ergonomics in mind is one that creates a frustrated and uncomfortable employee. Ergonomically optimized office furniture can prevent these hindrances. If workers are comfortable and energized while doing their work, you’re bound to find a higher quality output from generally more patient and pleasant workers.

4. Improved Engagement

When ergonomics are prioritized within a company, it shows employees that their health, safety, and comfort are important to management. This can lead to positives such as reduced turnover, reduced absenteeism, improved morale, and increased involvement. Each of these will, as a result, positively influence productivity and quality.

Is Ergonomics Worth the Cost?

The short answer? Yes. Absolutely. The slightly longer answer: Optimizing office furniture for improved ergonomics will help your business and its people. In doing so, you will undoubtedly see improvements in your company’s morale and in the efficiency and quality of work output. These benefits will save your company some money while keeping you and your employees happy.


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