How to Furnish a Workspace for Millennials

workspace for millennials

Keep your millennial employees happy and creative by choosing the right furniture

Millennials are taking over the world. Okay, maybe not the world, but definitely the workplace. Nearly half of today’s workforce is comprised of that younger generation, and projections indicate that they’ll be the comfortable majority by 2020. As such, it’s time to start gearing your office to better suit these tech-y, creative thinkers and what they expect from their workplaces. To furnish a workspace is to establish the flow, productivity, and efficiency of the business inhabiting it. Keep reading to learn how to furnish a workspace that might be better suited for the next generation.

Creative Collaboration

Millennials work much more collaboratively than generations before them. Where Gen-X-ers might prefer secluded spaces to keep to themselves and get their work done, millennials like to work together to solve problems creatively. You can check out last week’s blog post to learn more about sparking creativity and collaboration with office furniture.

Flexible Functionality

If you put a millennial in a regular old cubicle, you’ll have one desperately bored and unproductive millennial. Millennials thrive on workspaces that are flexible, mobile, simple, and wired. To furnish a workspace that meets the tendencies of a millennial’s work habits, consider office furniture that can be easily shared and repurposed depending on the day’s project. Open workstations and informal, comfortable meeting areas for conferencing will be great for this endeavor.

Technological Transformation

Perhaps the most important part of furnishing a workspace for millennials is technology integration. Millennials speak the language of technology as fluently as they speak English. Start simple by giving them plenty of places to plug in their own devices, such as common area tables with outlets for laptops. Any other additions you can make, like video conferencing rooms, will make millennials more comfortable in a tech-integrated environment.

Remember Relaxation

One of the most important things to millennials in the workplace, besides their technology, is a work-life balance. Millennials value their time as a resource not to be wasted more so than any generation before them. Designing a good break room where your millennial employees can escape from their work for a little bit and refocus will make them much happier to be at work.

If you’re ready to furnish a workspace for millennials with Edwards & Hill, we’re always more than happy to help. Give us a call and let’s get started!

Furnishing a Workspace with Edwards & Hill

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