Why Your Business Needs Wayfinding Signage

edwards & hill wayfinding signage

Install wayfinding signage that directs visitors to important areas.

Road signs are essential when you’re out on the road looking for the route you need or wondering when the next highway exit will be. Just as road signs help us on the highway, wayfinding signage helps people navigate buildings they have never visited. These helpful signs help visitors feel more at ease in a new environment and help them avoid frustration and confusion as they make their way to their appointments. Is your wayfinding signage up-to-date and as effective as possible? If you haven’t installed wayfinding signage yet or could serve to install more signage, contact Edwards & Hill for expert guidance. 

The Importance of Outdoor Wayfinding Signage

Wayfinding signage starts in the parking lot. Where are visitors allowed to park? If you have multiple entrances, do you direct visitors to the correct doors? If you have multiple buildings, each should be clearly labeled. Sometimes, using different colors is the most effective way to create signage that directs customers to particular buildings or parking lots. These tactics not only make sure the signs are visible but provide instant information for the visitors so they don’t have to struggle to read every detail on the sign.

Signage for Elevators

If you have several floors in your building, an elevator directory is essential for letting visitors discover which floor they need to go to. Color coding for the floor visitors are currently on will help grab their attention, especially if your main entrance is not on the first floor. 

Hallway Wayfinding Signage

Some buildings can feel like quite a maze, especially if you don’t visit them often. Install wayfinding signage at each hallway junction to make navigation easier for your visitors. Use clear printing and arrows to show visitors which offices, room numbers, or amenities are down which hallway. This helps them quickly redirect if they get lost. Additionally, if you have multiple rooms down a hallway, install signs that stick out perpendicular to the door so visitors can identify rooms from a distance.

Custom-Branded Signage

Wayfinding signage doesn’t need to be unappealing and bland. In fact, wayfinding signage is a perfect opportunity to enhance your branding and create an appealing experience for your guests. Use your brand colors throughout your signs and incorporate your custom iconography. These kinds of signage can complement your interior design while providing visitors with a helpful and easy experience.

Stay ADA-compliant with Signage

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) states precise signage requirements, including color contrast, mounting heights, and sign locations. They also call for raised text, pictures, and Braille translations so every sign is accessible for people with various disabilities. If you are building your new space or incorporating wayfinding signage, Edwards & Hill can help you ensure that every sign is ADA-compliant in all areas. This improves your visitor experience and ensures that your building is navigable for everyone. 

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