Seeking to Enhance Your Company’s Wayfinding?

edwards & hill enhance your company’s wayfinding

Investing in different ways to enhance your company’s wayfinding has many different benefits.

When you enter your office, knowing exactly where you are going is easy because you work there every day. However, someone visiting for the first time or unsure where they are headed might be incredibly confused. Investing in different ways to enhance your company’s wayfinding has many different benefits. How can you get started and make your office an easier place to navigate?

New Signage

One of the simplest, affordable ways to enhance your company’s wayfinding is signage. We are all used to intuitively navigating public spaces with different types of signs. For example, you know what sign to look for when you are trying to find a restroom in an airport or a shopping mall. An office that is properly designed will have signs that guide you to your destination without necessarily distracting you from the beauty of your surroundings.

There are many ways to customize your signage. Aside from incorporating the colors and fonts that your business uses, you can also rename different parts of the office with engaging names or numbers that make it simpler to find where you’re headed.

Great Graphics

Another simple tool to enhance your company’s wayfinding is graphics. Imagery like symbols, arrows, or even photographs can allow people to figure out where they are or find things they need. Graphics are particularly valuable in offices where everyone may not speak the same language or where quiet is necessary to get the job done. As the famous saying goes, an image is worth a thousand words.

Clever Color Coding

Using different colors to denote different parts of the office  is an excellent way to enhance your company’s wayfinding without sacrificing style. For example, portions of the office that are part of your sales department might be labeled with the color red. However, offices that are part of your research and development department could be denoted by the color green. There are endless ways to use color when customizing your office.

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