Are You Planning an Office Relocation? Practice These Tips

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This blog will provide five invaluable tips for easier office relocation.

Office relocation can be a challenging and stressful process for everyone involved. From employees to leadership, it’s important to have a well-structured plan to follow to ensure the most seamless possible transition. To act as a shield against that dreaded proverbial monkey wrench, it’s essential to take a highly strategic approach to office relocation. This blog will provide five invaluable tips for easier office relocation.

Designate a Moving Team to Delegate Moving Tasks

The first step to a successful office relocation is to assemble a cross-disciplinary team. The such team should be headed by a “move manager” and include representatives from Leadership, HR, IT, Design, Communication, etc. As the move approaches, the team should meet weekly to discuss and resolve any issues that arise (or preempt them) and review the schedule to keep things on track as per your desired timeframe. It’s essential to empower this team to make decisions and take partial, shared “ownership” of the move.

Involve the Whole Staff, Too!

Involving employees in the office relocation process is crucial. It helps assess their needs and provides an outlet for them to express their concerns and desires for the new space. To involve employees, you can conduct workshops and surveys and invite them to participate in tours of the new area. This kind of involvement is critical, especially if employees face complete changes to their daily routine due to the move. Training early and helping people understand the necessity of changing circumstances will help ease the transition.

Keep Communication Coming

Regular communication is essential throughout the office relocation process. Starting when you know you are moving, it is important to communicate regularly until everyone is settled and all punch list items are dealt with. Regular communication will help mitigate fears, give people time to process change, and achieve buy-in from the majority. Including pictures and videos of the new space as it develops will also build excitement.

Take Care to Pick the Right Moving Partner for Your Business

Professional movers can assist with more than just “lugging” equipment from Point A to Point B, offering services ranging from safe and environmentally sound ways of disposing of antiquated technology to asset liquidation and packing techniques. Getting them involved early and utilizing their expertise will eliminate many headaches for you and your team.

Expect (and Accept) Change

It’s absolutely essential to anticipate change during an office relocation. Inevitably there will be (e.g.) construction delays, weather issues, or delivery obstacles that cannot be helped. However, suppose your move team and the rest of your staff have and are familiar with both the possibilities and contingencies against these “hiccups” from the beginning. In that case, expectations will stay realistic—and morale uneroded—throughout.

Closing Thoughts

Office relocation is challenging but can be made much more so by following the advice above. Whether you’re a massive corporation or a small start-up, the same basic principles apply. With smart planning, transparent and regular communication, and a strategically-selected move partner, you can ultimately count on a positive result that strengthens your business in various ways.

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