Why is Office Wayfinding Necessary?

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How does office wayfinding provide an excellent business experience?

What is office wayfinding? It refers to finding your way around a building or office to reach your final destination without asking for directions or getting lost. Although you may not think you need special tools to assist you with that, your visitors or employees surely do. In fact, we all utilize office wayfinding daily to locate restrooms, and each other’s offices, seek out emergency exits, and more. In this blog post, we’ll outline how office wayfinding can provide employees and visitors with an excellent experience and an outstanding reputation for your business.

Guide Visitors from Point A to Point B

Interior mapping and wayfinding software enable guests, delivery people, and more to find the way to your office or conference room, select alternate routes during construction, and help you safeguard private areas. Guiding visitors is also vital during significant events such as shows and conferences that take place in massive convention centers or hotels that only some people naturally know of.

Assist the Hybrid Workforce to Navigate

If part of your employees are on a hybrid schedule or you still have remote workers who must come in for meetings, chances are your office layout has changed since the pandemic started. While new office layouts can encourage workers to come in, you always want to avoid confusion or disconnection among them. Having your employees wander around to seek conference rooms or part-time desks will only increase confusion. Office wayfinding helps them out!

Direct Others to Safety

Whether it’s a fire, a broken elevator, or a public health emergency, office wayfinding can help ensure the people in your building can locate an exit or safe area. Also, they can help guide safety responders to move around your unique environment or help during an evacuation.

Since 1998, Edwards & Hill Office Furniture has been providing expert signage/wayfinding services. In particular, we strive to offer commercial environment solutions, and signage is a crucial element to consider. Whether you need to make your facility easier to navigate or you are working with an empty building, we will work with you at any step in the process to help you reach your goals.

Choose Edwards & Hill for Your Office Furniture and Design Needs

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