How Does Rental Furniture Assist College Student Housing?

edwards & hill rental furniture can assist college student housing

From style to service, learn how rental furniture can assist college student housing.

Regarding student furniture rental, things have changed significantly over the years. Today’s students expect more from their university housing, including better furniture options. So, furniture rental companies must be aware of these current student housing trends and adapt accordingly. From style to service, learn how rental furniture can assist college student housing.

College students expect better furniture options

Nowadays, a bed, a chair, and a study table don’t do the job. Students have come to expect more from their living accommodations. Even though affordability is a significant factor, they still want to express their personality and style in their rooms without compromising quality or comfort.

At Edwards & Hill, we offer various products and styles to meet students’ personalized needs and budgets. Accent chairs and d├ęcor allow personal style to shine, while dressers help their space adapt to their preferences.

College students desire quick customer service

Students entering college are in the generation that’s always had access to technology and the internet. In the past, college students might have overlooked or avoided furniture rental companies because they felt the process was time-consuming and complex.

However, rental furniture can assist college student housing with the click of a button. The expectation of current students is fast customer service and technologically advanced to meet their furniture needs. Therefore, furniture rental companies with simple customer interfaces will connect students with furniture and save money.

Flexible payment options are expected

Students are constantly seeking flexible payment options. In addition, students should have the choice if they cannot pay the entire amount upfront or would prefer to distribute the cost over an extended time. Moreover, furniture rental companies must know that students often have a limited budget, and they should provide flexible leases and payment options. As a result, rental furniture can assist college student housing.

Style trends matters

Interior design buzzwords such as feng shui or ergonomic are common among students. After experiencing COVID, they are more aware of the importance of room set-up and the effects of color and furniture. Whether that’s guiding them in layout or piece selection, the Edwards & Hill team can help students create their ideal living environment.

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