What Can You Anticipate from Post-Pandemic Classroom Design?

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We’ll look at what you can anticipate from post-pandemic classroom design.

Classroom design during the pandemic emphasized virtual learning and then eventually socially-distanced classrooms. Now that many states have lifted mask mandates, you might wonder, “How does this affect educational settings since in-person settings are becoming the norm again?” Today, we’ll look at what you can anticipate from post-pandemic classroom design.

Socially-Spaced Classroom Design is Still the Norm

Many teachers across America are still emphasizing increased space between seating. This space could apply to aisles between traditional desking or flexible solutions such as stools or floor rockers. Some teachers have turned away from pods and prefer rows and columns. However, many of today’s table desks allow for customized configurations. Well-spaced seating can be creative and fun for students with stools at standing-desk heights, rolling desk chairs, and wobble chairs that reduce fidgeting.

How to Look at Storage

Clunky or cumbersome storage takes up too much space within the classroom, mainly if you prefer spaced-out seating options. Here are a few options to consider:

  • Place your storage units at the back of the class or against side walls to make room for seating.
  • Utilize carts with casters to keep your supply storage out of the way when you aren’t using it but accessible when you need it.
  • Use taller cabinets with more storage space and a smaller footprint instead of bulky cabinets with limited storage space to save room.
  • Implement colorful bins on open-air bookshelves where you can place decorations on the outside of the cabinets. This fun idea brings excitement to the classroom, ensuring that a larger storage piece blends seamlessly into your classroom design and decor.

Focus on Wellness

Wellness strategies should take precedence in every classroom. Wellness tactics come in various shapes and sizes and focus on student safety and mental health. Students should have quiet spaces such as privacy booths to decompress from all that’s going on in the world.

In addition, classrooms should be as hygienic as possible because people are still catching COVID-19. There should be easy-to-clean surfaces in the school that you can wipe down with disinfectant wipes. You should also include ample supplies in the classroom that encourage students to stay safe, such as hand sanitizer stations.

Mobile, Modular Stations

Many modern classroom furniture comes with casters for a mobile, modular design. Some key considerations include:

  • Student desks in different shapes, sizes, and heights with locking casters, making it simple to space out desks or bring them together for group projects.
  • Mobile podiums with small, nimble carts make it uncomplicated for a teacher to lecture anywhere in the classroom without taking up too much room.
  • Smart boards are interactive and receptive to touch and excellent for large displays, while a regular whiteboard reduces chalk dust in the classroom. Both come in mobile options allowing you to take control of how you configure your classroom.

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