Adapting School Furniture to the 2021 World

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Ergonomic, recycled school furniture is just one example of the school furniture of tomorrow.

2020 was the first year, possibly in history, where students were out of school more than they were in. This, of course, was due to the unsafe conditions the COVID-19 pandemic presented to the population, especially for the thousands of students and staff that populate schools for hours a day. In 2021, schools are slowly starting to open back up for in-person education, but the classrooms, and the school furniture inside, are going to have to adapt to a changing dynamic. Here’s some school furniture you can expect to see adapted to the new classrooms of 2021 and beyond. 

Adapting to Developing Technology Trends

Even though many students all over the country are now returning to schools, most school districts are using a hybrid learning approach. This means that not all students and staff are present every day, and some will be at home for learning remotely as they did in 2020. This means that the school furniture used in schools must be able to adapt to changing technology, as well as have an emphasis on technology. Old sedentary technology labs and workstations are now obsolete, along with the school furniture that came along with them, like computer desks and swivel chairs. Now, an ergonomic approach that supports laptops and other technology like smart boards and projectors is much more valuable. 

School Furniture Flexibility is Key

The classroom must be adaptable not only to technology but also to momentum. Studies have shown that a sedentary, stationed approach to learning is not the best way to keep students attentive. Instead, school furniture must be able to be moved easily for a refreshing change in classroom layout. Try light-weighted, shaped desks that are perfect for forming into tables for discussion or demountable walls for separate discussions.

Create Mini-Learning Stations

As in offices, there should be areas in classrooms that emphasize comfort and relaxation. This helps prevent burnout for students, especially after long periods of lecture. Your school furniture should reflect this idea, similar to an office’s small break area. You can even install these areas outside of the classroom and instead place them in open areas like hallways or courtyards for students to take an occasional breather during the day.

Emphasize School Furniture Sustainability

Schools are a great place for adults to set examples for children. Teaching kids to value environmental health and live a sustainable lifestyle is a key trend of 2021. Choosing school furniture that is made from recycled materials or manufactured in an eco-friendly manner plays an important role in setting examples for the newest generations. 

Choose Edwards & Hill for Your School Furniture Furniture and Design Needs

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