How To Best Use Wayfinding Services in the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Exit signs, social distancing enforcers, and direction arrows are all products of wayfinding services useful for navigating the pandemic.

An unexpected hero of the COVID-19 pandemic so far has been wayfinding services. Thousands of floor stickers, signage, and even some permanent fixtures are required by almost every industry in every sector to enforce social distancing and to remind guests of COVID requirements and precautions. They exist as a constant reminder that we are still far from the “old normal” and have quite a few hurdles to get through to get there. But what is the future for wayfinding services? Will they ever find the same success again as they did in the pandemic? The common trend is yes, and they will still play a large role in keeping ourselves well informed in the coming years. But for now, they still play a huge role. Here is the best way to utilize the creations of wayfinding services during the COVID-19 pandemic as in-person activity increases. 

Make Sure the Signs are Friendly

COVID-19 can cause anxiety for most people, and unfortunately, signage can contribute to that anxiety. Make sure that when commissioning Wayfair services to request wording that doesn’t instigate anxiety or fear. For example, avoid using general statements that may come off as harsh, like “Put On Your Mask!” Instead, try using wording that is not pleading but affirmative, such as “Let’s Wear Our Masks for the Greater Good.” 

How Does the Wayfinding Actually Assist the User?

Make sure that wayfinding services have a clear layout of the office, school, or retail space so that they can properly accustom their work to it. This way, the signage should naturally guide the user and not seem forced. This is especially important for social distancing wayfinding guides. Again, not adding additional stress is key for making the customer feel safe and ready to venture back out into the world again. 

Release New Wayfinding Services With a Comm Campaign

Customers should want to feel at ease when returning to your store. Make sure to hire your wayfinding services well in advance to carefully plan out your business space for social distancing. They will likely need to move furniture and other established fittings around to ensure a safe distance and add signs to keep people moving in the right direction. It’s important to keep track of the wayfinding services project. Try taking photos of development processes of wayfinding to show how much your company cares about keeping their customers socially distanced and safe inside of the store or commercial property. 

Choose Edwards & Hill for Your Wayfinding Services and Design Needs

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