Choosing Senior Living Furniture Appropriate for Your Facility

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Cleanliness and comfort are the most important parts of senior living furniture.

The furniture in any senior living facility must be carefully curated. The furniture must have durability and cleanliness, similar to furniture you would find in a doctor’s office or medical setting. However, people are using these furniture pieces as living furniture, so style and comfort must also be a factor. This can do the search for senior living furniture quite difficult for any facility. There is plenty of durable furniture, but it just is not aesthetically pleasing enough for the residents. The goal of a senior living facility is to make the residents feel comfortable, safe, and “at home” at all times, and the choice of senior living furniture can really help. Here are some recommendations on how to make the best choices when it comes to picking out senior living furniture for your facility or group home. 

Fabric Designs and Color Matters

One downside to getting older is that bodily functions become harder to control. This means that the furniture you use should be fully prepared for any accidents that might happen. Therefore, it’s best to choose senior living furniture that is easy to clean and stain-resistant. Color choice is also very important in senior furniture since many residents have experienced vision loss. It’s advised to choose a solid color furniture piece that is very different from the color of the walls, so it is easily distinguishable by residents. The most popular senior living furniture colors in senior living facilities are green, blue, white, yellow, red, and brown. 

A Functional but Beautiful Senior Living Furniture Design is Key

Senior living furniture should be comfortable for everyday use. Many seniors use furniture as supports when standing up or sitting down because they cannot walk as well as they used to. It’s important to choose sturdy furniture with little risk of breaking. Try to avoid any potential hazards like glass or sharp edges. The best options for senior furniture? Try round-shaped pieces, like circular styled chairs or rectangle tables with rounded-off edges. However, the furniture doesn’t have to be boring or ugly. There are thousands of furniture pieces developed with seniors in mind that can fit any theme or preference.

Health Compliant Materials

Most importantly, furniture needs to be above and beyond the legal standards for health facilities. Since much senior furniture frequently comes in contact with biological material, it is important that the pieces are constructed of materials that do not promote bacterial or microbial growth. For example, if choosing wood furniture, make sure to choose a finish that is UV and microbial growth resistant to make sure the furniture is not spreading diseases to the vulnerable residents. 

Choose Edwards & Hill for Your Senior Living Furniture and Design Needs

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