How to Make Your Personal Office Space Plan Feng-Shui

Read below to find out how to add a Feng-shui element to your office space plan to keep the bad energy away

Minimalism, natural light, and plants are all great ways to make your office space plan follow Feng-shui principles.

Creating a personal office space plan can be challenging. There is such limited space to use to fit everything your workplace needs, like your computer, printer, documents, and many more. What’s even more challenging is trying to keep as much stress away from your work environment as possible. So why not try a more exciting approach through the arrangement of office furniture and decoration? Feng-shui, an ancient Chinese tradition, wards off bad energy by the careful placement of objects in an area. Feng-shui can be a challenge with limited space, but it isn’t impossible. Read below to find out how to add a Feng-shui element to your office space plan to keep the bad energy away. 

Position your Furniture Optimally in Your Office Space Plan

Any Feng-shui expert will tell you always to have a “command” position in any personal Feng-shui space. This allows for complete control over any situation you may find yourself in, such as if another employee sneaks up on you to interrupt your work cycle. A good tip for this principle is to add a mirror facing behind you while sitting down at your desk. This is not only great to frequently check yourself out before meeting with others, but it also allows you to see what is happening behind you in case of emergency. 

Create Natural Lighting

If your office space plan includes some natural light by a window or other source, make sure to use that to your advantage. Feng-shui focuses on as much of a natural element as possible, so avoid using artificial lighting if you can. If that’s not an option for your workspace, try adding a small lamp that emulates natural light. White light bulbs around 5000k-6000k of light with a yellowish hue help trick the brain into believing the source is natural light from the sun. 

Add Some Plants

Feng-shui says that indoor plants can help to keep negative energy away. Therefore, try to add a few plants to your office space plan. If you don’t have much light around, don’t worry. Succulents and miniature bonsai require little maintenance and light. These plants are also on the smaller side and never grow to be very large, so you won’t have to worry about them overcrowding your workspace. 

Tidy Up Every so Often

One of the most essential elements of Feng-shui is keeping a clean workspace. Unnecessary clutter and junk are significant sources of negative energy and stress. This includes old papers, writing supplies, and even just other decorations. Feng-shui emphasizes minimalism to keep the pressure away, so it’s a good idea to sort through your work area every so often to make sure you only have what you need. 

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