What is “Resimercial” Corporate Furniture?

What in the world is "resimercial" corporate furniture? Read here to find out!

Organic shapes, comfort, and openness are all part of a resimercial corporate furniture office design.

“Resimercial” is a new style of corporate furniture that is currently on the rise. With its name coined during a progressive change in the full-time work schedule, resimercial office spaces are now becoming the new norm in the corporate workspace. Most newer office remodels already adopted a more open floor plan, and frequently, resimercial furniture accompanies it. But just what makes corporate furniture distinctly “resimercial?” Read on below to find out!

A Contemporary Pairing

For many decades when one thought of typical corporate furniture, they may have thought of a grey cubicle, black office chair, and white desk in a standard row from the front to the back of the office space. There has been plenty of research since those days saying that open space offices are much more effective, and most furniture needs to accompany that feeling. Thus, the concept of resimercial was born. Resimercial gets its name from the combination of the words “residential” and “commercial.” The name is very descriptive of what the corporate furniture looks and feels like. There is an emphasis on design, similar to furniture one would place in his or her home and comfort and practicality. The combination brings a delightful blend that is easy on the eyes and more inviting to stay focused on one’s work. This corporate design trend also aligns with the changing full-time job system. More and more office workers every year are choosing to work longer hours in the office, so the workspace must be comfortable for long periods. A newfound emphasis on team collaboration is important, looking for offices trying to make the day go by quicker. 

How Do I Make My Corporate Furniture “Resimercial?”

The good news is that many office furniture companies have already begun the manufacture of resimercial style furniture. Here are just a few simple ways to help you get started on transitioning your own office to the resimercial future:

  • Think of the office as an extension of your home. Choose furniture that is unique to the corporate brand. Fun accent pieces are a great way to spruce things up a bit. 
  • Don’t be afraid to experiment with unusual colors, styles, and shapes for a less traditional look. 
  • Add lots of more comfortable seating options like mini couches and padded seats to prevent uncomfortable employees.
  • Make sure to choose durable options that are meant to withstand long-term use

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