Office Furniture Lifespan: How Long Does It Last?

Office Furniture Lifespan: How Long Does It Last?

There are many instances where one should think about the lifespan of their office furniture.

There are many instances where one should think about the lifespan of their office furniture. One example is when you’re purchasing new furniture, and you want a clear understanding of how long you expect your investment to last. Another scenario in which the longevity of your office furniture matters is evaluating when it’s time to replace it. Whether you’re shopping from scratch or upgrading from your existing office furniture, knowing what to expect in terms of longevity can impact how you plan on purchasing furniture. Here, we examine the average lifespan of certain office furniture, signs they’re on their last leg, and how you could make some last longer.


The lifespan of an average office desk is variable depending on the material it’s made from. Of course, the quality of construction has a lot to do with the unit’s longevity as well. Hardwood desks can last just as long as a metal-made office desk. In general, you can expect this type of office furniture to last about 15 years before the need for a replacement comes to mind. Wobbly legs and stuck drawers may be reason enough for some companies to replace their desks, although it’s more likely that they’ll be replaced because it no longer suits your office’s image.


Chairs are the most used items of furniture in any office. While you don’t want to be replacing all of your commercial office chairs often, it’s not something to put off when it absolutely needs replacing in about ten years. Again, depending on how well-made the chair is and how employees treat their chair during daily use, chairs can last as long as they look great and feel comfortable. If several employees voice their concerns over any back, shoulder, or hip pain, it’s worth upgrading to ergonomic models for your next set of office chairs.

Conference Table

The table that probably matters most in your physical office is the conference table. It’s the room that you hold client meetings, team meetings, virtual presentations, etc. Essentially, the quality of your conference table is a reflection of your company. Whether the table is too small, showing too much wear, or does not fit with your current branding, it’s time to replace the conference table even though the average lifespan may still dictate a few more years.

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