Office Furniture: Comparing Metal and Wood

Office Furniture: Comparing Metal and Wood

Depending on your office furniture preference, a traditional wood aesthetic might be more appealing, or a more modern metal appearance could also work.

Furniture is the backbone of any office. It provides both layout and function to the office space. Typically, when it comes to office furniture, the emphasis has always been on the style and color of the furniture and materials. Nowadays, the materials themselves are becoming more important and a more significant factor for office space customers. That said, the main choices you can use for your office furniture endeavors are wood and steel. Let’s compare the two.

Metal Office Furniture

With the progression of the metallurgy field, metal office furniture, specifically steel, has gained a lot of fame in the furniture field. This is mostly due to the main benefits of steel furniture: durability and strength. Due to the flexible manufacturing process, steel furniture can be made into countless shapes and forms. This allows you to be more creative with the layout of your office space. Metal furniture overall is a practical and versatile choice. Metal furniture can hold heavy objects such as computers, files, or books with ease. In the event of damage, metal furniture is easy to replace or repair. 

However, there are some downsides to metal furniture. Firstly, it is often heavy and difficult to move. This means rearranging or shipping the furniture is a much more intense action — and expensive one — than one might initially think. Also, the cost of the furniture itself and any accompanying labor costs can run high. If they are, consider renting

Wood Office Furniture

Perhaps the most common, a variation of wood furniture is the go-to choice for many businesses. Wood furniture is often easier to manufacture and cheaper to purchase. Wood furniture usually can be colored or shaped easily, resulting in a nice aesthetic for the office space. They also rival metal furniture in durability, lifespan, and strength of the material. Furthermore, wood office furniture can sometimes be even heavier than metal furniture. Keep in mind the type of wood and finish you are interested in. Weaker wood like particle boards may need to be replaced frequently, racking up overall costs. Particle boards damage more easily than something like solid oak. Depending on your office style, a traditional wood aesthetic might be more appealing, or a more modern metal appearance could also work.

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