Modern and Exciting Hotel Furniture Trends

Modern and Exciting Hotel Furniture Trends

How are modern lodgings making a statement with hotel furniture trends?

The hospitality sector has a lot of pressure to create incredible guest experiences for customers. Luckily, designing and furnishing fantastic settings in lodgings and restaurants helps enhance a desirable and leisure-filled experience. Recently, hotel furniture trends have popped up in several modern and exciting lodging destinations. Hotel designers want to use eye-catching and awe-inspiring details throughout the guest rooms, lobby spaces, bar settings, and more. What are these hotel furniture trends your business should be trying to incorporate?

Mixed Material

Furniture manufacturers today have many more materials to work with. The resulting products incorporate more colors, shapes, patterns, and even functions. Mixed material hotel furniture lends itself easily to interior design trends that look to create dynamic contrast. If the singular pieces of furniture themselves aren’t made from mixed materials, furnishing a room with mixed pieces works too. 

Outdoor Decor

Many hotels offer some sort of outdoor lounging area as well. The hotel furniture in these spaces should be suitable for outdoors but hints at the comforts of relaxing indoors too. To create the idea of continuity where guests can relax, coordinate similar elements between your interior furniture to the exterior ones. This may be achieved by using a recurring color scheme or shape.

Eye-catching Statement Pieces

Quirky, bright patterned armchairs and ottomans add visual interest and intrigue to your hotel space. Modern and bold hotel furniture breathes life into lobby spaces or the guestrooms. Hotel owners shouldn’t be afraid to make their interiors stand out to guests with these fun statement furniture pieces.

Old-School Luxury and Charm

Despite what many people may think when aiming for a modern design, old-school hues and textures still have a place in many hotels. Creating lounging spaces that feature rich woods, gold accents, and leather upholstery bring back warmth and coziness to the hotel interior. The right hotel furniture can bring a familiar sense of intimacy or nostalgia to this type of setting.

Concrete Chic

The industrial look is trendy in modern homes, so hotels are looking to adopt it too. Concrete can be finished in many ways and outfitted for various applications, from floors to countertops to walls. This stony finish is chic and minimal, but very versatile for hotels looking to create an inviting bar or contemporary restaurant space.

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