Cleaning and Caring for Hotel Furniture

Cleaning and Caring for Hotel Furniture

Hotel furniture is ultimately designed to help guests feel at ease. Dirty or poorly maintained furniture can be a big issue.

Hotel furniture is ultimately designed to help guests feel at ease. Dirty or poorly maintained furniture can be a big issue. At your hotel, it’s essential to have proper cleaning and maintenance protocols for all the furniture throughout the rooms and lobby. Here are some helpful tips to ensure your hotel furniture stays clean and continues to be appropriately cared for.

Fabric And Vinyl Furniture

When it comes to the hospitality industry — specifically hotels — investing in fabric and vinyl furniture can be a great investment. In fact, these soft fabrics require minimal maintenance to keep clean. However, these materials still require a certain level of care to ensure they stay clean and fresh. 

  • A paper towel to remove excess moisture: The first step towards properly cleaning any fabric and vinyl furniture in your hotel begin with a paper towel. Simply use it to remove any excess moisture and proceed to step two of getting your furniture clean.
  • Warm soap, water, and a rag: Once all the excess moisture is removed, get a clean cloth, and combine mild soap and warm water to clean the furniture. If you want to use a special cleanser, be sure you check the bottle to ensure it works on fabric and vinyl furniture.
  • Mild spot cleaning solution: If you are concerned about any stains or spots on your hotel furniture, nothing is stopping you from using a spot cleaning solution to clean it properly. However, use a very mild solution. Use a tiny amount at first to test if the solution is safe and won’t end up ruining your hotel furniture.

Stick To The Manufacturers Recommendations

Keeping your furniture clean is easier than you think. In fact, following the manufacturer’s suggestions is one of the best ways to ensure that you keep your hotel furniture clean and comfortable for all your guests to enjoy.

Bottom Line

Nice looking furniture makes guests feel more comfortable and welcomed during their visit. At the end of the day, keeping your hotel clean is the best way to keep your guests coming back, stay after stay. One of the biggest turn-offs from a guest’s perspective is dingy rooms and dirty furniture. If some pieces of furniture look too worse for wear, do your guests and company a favor by replacing it with something in newer, better condition.

Hospitality and Hotel Furniture From Edwards & Hill

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