4 Lobby Spaces Hotel Furniture Creates

4 Lobby Spaces Hotel Furniture Creates

Update the lobby space with hotel furniture that guests will want to use!

Today’s business or leisure travelers expect more from their hotel stay experience. Indeed, hotels recognize the need to provide guests with a pleasant, comfortable, and welcoming environment as they face competition from home-sharing services. The lobby is just the place to start reimagining and redesigning to fit the travelers’ lifestyles. Hotel lobbies should repurpose and refurnish to act as more than a dull waiting room. Using hotel furniture, you can create different spaces in the lobby to cater to different needs, improving the overall efficiency and guest impression of your hotel.

Directing to Check-In

First and foremost, the lobby should indicate a clear and unobstructed path, to-and-from the check-in counter to the entrance. Wayfinding signs are helpful, but orienting the hotel furniture to show a distinct pathway eliminates the need for extra signage. The walkway can be sectioned off from other traffic by using sofas or side tables. Make sure there is ample space to allow large and small parties of guests to line up or wait comfortably with their luggage.

Social Space

More young travelers prefer to spend time in the lobby to socialize rather than staying in their rooms the whole time. This trend benefits the hotel as having people occupy the lobby space gives other guests the impression of a lively and welcoming staying experience. Create clusters of seating by facing groups of armchairs, ottomans, sectionals, or lounge chairs together. Situate groups of hotel furniture to denote some privacy, such as to the side of the lobby. Moreover, this configuration will prevent their conversation from disrupting other guests in the room. Include tables to hold any refreshments and include a TV that guests and their friends can gather around to watch the news or sports as they socialize.

Work and Meetings

Business travelers can also get a lot of utility from an adequately furnished hotel lobby. A clean and comfortable lobby is a professional place to get some paperwork done or meet with business partners. Conference rooms may be unnecessary for short or informal work activities. Provide enough seating that can also be easily rearranged by guests to suit their group size. Hotel furniture to include would be lounge chairs or chairs with table seating placed around power outlets to charge their personal computers and devices. Go above guest’s expectations by having desktop computers and printers available for their convenience.

Lounge and Relax

Create a worthy lounge space for people to use during their downtime. Guests can grab a coffee or a drink from the hotel bar, grab a magazine or book, and relax in the lobby. Visitors can enjoy peaceful reading, web browsing, or people watching. High-backed armchairs help block out noise and increase individual privacy for those who want to be left alone but not confined to their rooms.

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