5 Hotel Lobby Design Tips

Hotel Lobby

Use these design tips to create a beautiful hotel lobby.

Guests should always feel welcomed and relaxed when entering a hotel lobby. After all, your lobby makes the first impression and through its design will indicate to a guest the quality of stay they will have. Make sure guests see your hotel as a must-stay from the first entrance, not just another hotel on the map. Your hotel lobby will tell your guests what to expect, so make the best first impression with these 5 hotel lobby design tips.

1. Provide Space to Socialize

Your lobby isn’t just a place to check in and out of the hotel, it’s also a place for guests to gather. This is especially true if there is a bar or restaurant within your hotel. Make social areas a priority in order to make sure guests feel welcome spending time in common areas of your hotel. It’s essential for any full-service lobby to create a space where guests can gather, eat, and drink.

2. Provide Amenities

It’s important to guests to have access to the amenities provided by your hotel. By giving them access to free WiFi, flat screen TVs, coffee, or other amenities, you make that aspect of their stay more enjoyable. This allows guests to have a satisfying experience without ever needing to leave the hotel.

3. Functional Design

Multi-functional design is increasingly popular for office design as well as home layouts. Beyond checking in and out, it’s a good idea to create other reasons to visit your hotel lobby, such as an office center or TV area. This will encourage guests to use your lobby space in multiple ways.

4. Create a Relaxing Space

You’ll want to make sure your hotel lobby is a place where guests can relax. After a long day of travel, guests should feel a weight lifted off their shoulders when they enter the lobby. Comfort is key here–provide plenty of comfortable furniture in the lobby, and a feature such as a fireplace or fountain can go a long way toward relaxation.

5. Use Sustainable Features

Eco-friendly design can really set your hotel apart from competitors. Use sustainably constructed furniture and efficient lighting to reduce your carbon footprint and make an impression of eco-friendliness on your guests. Discerning guests will appreciate the steps your business has taken to use sustainable features throughout your hotel.

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