Design Tips for the Office Waiting Room and Reception

Stylish office furniture at the reception give your visitors a great first impression

Is your waiting room up to date? Welcome guests in the office reception with these stylish design tips.

While your office workspace design and layout is important to the day to day successes, you can’t neglect one specific part of your office design: the reception area. The waiting room makes the first impression on your visitors and clients, so making it welcoming and professional looking is a great initial way to greet your guests.

Of course, the statement you make with your office furniture and design will be unique to your business. However, there are some general tips and ideas that make any waiting room office space comfortable and pleasant for your guests. By adding these elements to your reception, you could be that much closer to winning over business with the room. Important office design principles can carry over to the waiting room design too.

A Statement Reception Desk

Usually the first or most notable piece of office furniture to be seen, the right reception desk makes the statement your business will give. Make sure you choose something that fits in proportionately with the lobby space but large enough for the receptionist to work comfortably too. A nice reception desk can fit well into many office layouts and designs so you can use it for many years to come.

Supportive Ergonomic Seating

You’ll want to get comfortable ergonomic seating for both the receptionist and the guest. Your staff will work better if they aren’t distracted by any back or neck pains. Guests can feel more at ease with nice seating, but your waiting room chairs don’t need to be bulky sofas. Simple guest chairs save space and can offer a more modern open appearance that’s uncluttered by excessively large furniture.

Good Lighting

In general, you can’t go wrong with a well-lit room. Make sure you have plenty of lighting in your reception area. Natural light is best, so depending on the office layout you can have great access to natural lighting already. You can add more light to the room with elegant floor lamps or wall fixtures.

Stylish Office Furniture and Decor

Personal touches can bring the whole reception area together. You may opt for a functional yet stylish coat rack at the door, some potted plants, or an area rug.  Remember to not over do the decorating though, a limited number of art prints and other accents is enough to add style but not become tacky.

Let Edwards & Hill Help Design Your Office

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