How to Make a Hotel Room Feel Like a Guest Room

How to Make a Hotel Room Feel Like a Guest Room

Give your hotel guests that “home away from home” comfort.

Like a good host welcoming guests to their home, a good hotel room can offer the kind of comfort as a well-made guest room in a house. The hotel furniture used in those rooms should follow the basic design principles used to furnish guest rooms to evoke the sense of care you have for your hotel patrons.

Guests staying at your hotel, from business to leisure-related reasons, are all looking for comfort and a “home away from home” feel when they return to their rooms. Give your guests an enjoyable stay by using hotel furniture pieces to furnish the room like a proper hospitable guest room.

A Comfortable Bed

It does not matter if the bed size in the room is a twin, a queen, or a king. Travelers that stay at your hotel want a comfortable bed to crawl into at the end of the day. Guest rooms and hotel rooms are meant for sleeping in, so giving your guests a quality mattress with a nice bed frame is a must. You cannot compromise on your guests’ night of good sleep.

Ample Drawers

Guests staying for long or short periods will appreciate drawers. Having this piece of hotel furniture lets guests feel like they can keep their belongings in a place other than their suitcase. The same can go for an armoire, which makes sense for any hotel room to have extra storage space.

A Luggage Rack

We admit that a luggage rack is more likely a piece of hotel furniture you would not find in a guest room. However, a great guest room often has an equivalent. Luggage racks let your guests conveniently pack, unpack, or hold their luggage off the ground. Guests feel more at home when they don’t need to stoop down to the floor to pull out their clothes from a suitcase. For a hotel room, luggage racks are useful and are easily stored away when not in use. Generally, a chair in a guest room serves a similar purpose.

Stylish Armchair

Speaking of chairs, some extra seating is beneficial to a hotel room. An armchair is a common enough hotel furniture piece found in every room. It’s great for relaxing in when you don’t want to want to sit on the bed necessarily. Extra seating makes it inviting for your guests to have guests of their own over for some conversation.

A Convenient Desk

A desk for doing paperwork or resting a laptop is terrific for letting guests catch up on any work in the privacy of their room. A hotel room or guest room may not be the most space-friendly for a full desk, so even a simple writing desk near a power outlet and ample lighting is a convenient addition in any hotel room.

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