How to Design the Hotel Room That Travelers Really Want


When rethinking your hotel guest rooms, keep these pro tips in mind.

Designing the ideal hotel room is essential to the quality of your hotel. Every room of your hotel should be designed to accommodate each guest’s needs and desires, but the guest rooms themselves are the reason why most guests even walk through the door. When rethinking your hotel guest rooms, keep these simple tips in mind to ensure that each guest knows that they are getting what they deserve.

The Bed

Let’s start with the most important piece of furniture in every guest room: the bed. When it comes to bed sizes, a very small percentage of your guests want to sleep in a queen-sized bed or smaller. With fact in mind, it’s best to invest in king-sized beds for most of your guest rooms. When it comes to bedding, simplest has always been best in the hotel industry with white lined duvets and sheets being the all-time smash hit.

The Furniture

When it comes to guest room furniture, extra seating is a must. When traveling with a companion, guests would like a place to sit that’s not necessarily the bed. Other furniture pieces like wardrobes, desks, and mirrors are essential to guest rooms as well, as guests want to feel that there is a place for everything, even in a hotel room.

The Lighting

When considering what kind of lighting you should incorporate, artful mood lighting is always the best choice. Some guests use their hotel rooms to work, but mostly, guests simply use their rooms to rest and relax. Make sure the lighting fits the mood of rest and relaxation. Opt for dimmable, warm lights that create a gentle and reassuring atmosphere. Anything too bright will cause your guests to feel stressed and uncomfortable.

The Modern Essentials

In 2018, offering free WiFi to your guests should be a no-brainer. Allowing your hotel guests to access free WiFi in their rooms will make their lives easier and more manageable, especially if they are traveling for work and need to stay on top of their professional duties while away from the office.

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