Why Use Furniture Warehousing Service?

Why Use Furniture Warehousing Service?

Need your office furniture to be picked up, stored, and delivered with care? Check out Edwards & Hill’s furniture warehousing service.

On top of supplying your office with high-quality furnishings, Edwards & Hill also offers dependable furniture warehousing services too! Many people tend to overlook the value using a furniture warehousing service to store their office furniture for whatever reason. Some businesses think they can save some money by temporarily moving their valuable furniture to a building basement or rental container. In reality, this route often incurs more trouble and costs than it’s worth. In the future, we hope you consider Edwards & Hill Office Furniture’s furniture warehousing service to serve your business better.

When Will I Need This Service?

You may find yourself in need of furniture warehousing services if your current office space is undergoing renovations, and there’s not enough room to move the pieces around as construction goes on. Or perhaps your business is experiencing a relocation, and you need your furniture stored until they can be moved in or sold. Regardless, the smarter storage solution is to put your furniture in a warehouse while these changes happen. 

Why Store Furniture in a Warehouse?

A warehouse is better equipped at protecting your precious furniture than a dingy basement or dirty rental container. Conditions in a warehouse are more controlled than a potentially damp basement or temperature extreme metal container. Keeping your furniture in unsuitable environments can damage your belongings, forcing you to pay to repair or replace them.

Plus, if you are leaving your valuables in one place for any time, unsavory characters can come to steal or vandalize your possessions. You can rest assured your furniture is protected when housed safely at a warehouse.

Other Supporting Services

If you need furniture warehousing service, you’re probably in need of experienced movers to pick up and deliver your furniture. Edwards & Hill can help with that too! We move your furniture with care to our facilities and will deliver them to the appropriate destination when it comes time to move back into your office space.

In addition, Edwards & Hill can also make the process easier by expertly disassembling and assembling your larger pieces of furniture to make transporting them easier and safer. Disassembling heavy or large items makes your furniture less likely to get damaged while moving them and while storing them. With a furniture assembly service, you can get your office set up again in no time!

Choose Edwards & Hill for Your Office Furniture and Design Needs

Are you ready to redesign your office to maximize productivity and creative thinking? Edwards & Hill can help you design and install the perfect designs for your business. Edwards & Hill is a leading office, education, medical, and hospitality furniture provider with high-quality design and installation services for any style or scale. If you are ready to get your office design started, contact us online or give us a call at 301-317-4250. For more furniture design tips, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Flickr, and YouTube.


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