More Ways to Refresh Your Business During Office Relocation

More Ways to Refresh Your Business During Office Relocation

An office relocation is opportunity to change more than your business address…

Office relocation brings change and a chance to refresh your office. While an office move could mean a low-key, stress-free change of room and desk, there’s so much potential in your business having a relocation. Moving office is a great opportunity to pursue new endeavors at the workplace, from the way the new space looks to implementing new initiatives. Chances are your office relocation is an upgrade for your growing and improving business, so definitely make more improvements during your period of change anyway. How will you take advantage of this exciting time?

Keep reading for our tips to refresh your business during your office relocation, to make impactful changes beyond just moving to a new office location.

New Office Furniture

Purchasing and redecorating your office with new furniture is a fantastic way to give life to your new business location. Since you’re looking to refresh your business with this office move, assess what old furniture of yours needs replacing. Save yourself the trouble of hauling old and out-dated furniture to the new location. Maybe opt for new office furniture that’s trendy or built ergonomically for comfort. Furnish your workplace with pieces that reflect the new vision you have for your business.

Bonus tip: work with a commercial furniture retailer. They can offer practical and appealing office design tips for your new space and help you choose the right furniture. What’s more, they can offer furniture assembly service to make your office relocation go smoother.

New Branding or Marketing

Take revamping your office appearance up a notch by rebranding. Updating your company’s color scheme or logo design can mark an era of change and revival for your business. Order new signs or logo stickers to finalize your new office location or personalize your new furnishings. 

Now is also a great time to launch a new marketing campaign! A marketing campaign lets your existing customers know you’ve changed address, and you can send the world a message about what they should expect from your new office.

Update Your Website and Contact Info

Refreshing your physical space also means updating your digital space too. Again, reflect those brand or content changes on your company’s website to keep your new look consistent across different channels. Many people will be looking up your office details online so make sure you have your contact info, like your street address and phone numbers, updated as well.

Choose Edwards & Hill for Your Office Furniture and Design Needs

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