How to Design an Optimized Command Center

How to Design an Optimized Command Center

Does your command center design or furniture need an upgrade?

Businesses often overlook the command center for upgrade opportunities, despite being critical in several fields and industries. Many were designed in the ’80s or ’90s with minimal upgrades since then. Creating a functional and efficient command center isn’t something that should be neglected, nor should it be difficult. At Edwards & Hill, we can help ensure your command center helps your team do their job at peak performance. 

Start With A Plan 

There may be some workplace settings where your design can be on the fly; a command center is not one of them. Instead, work with the team that will be operating the center daily to see what upgrades need to change, and how to make the workplace more comfortable and productive. You should plan extended time to understand workflows and patterns so that you can adapt your design accordingly. 

Integrate Technology 

Ensuring that you are integrating technology isn’t just about acquiring all of the latest and greatest gadgets on the market. Consider what old technology you need to keep long term, what you may need to phase out, and how your setup will need to adapt as technology changes. This equipment assessment not only means planning physical space for things — but for planning your installation to the electrical system to effectively hold up to the workload. 

Space Usage 

Often, you need more than just a single room with workstations; your command center needs to include space for meetings, briefings, rest periods, and more. Having the right space for all of your needs not only makes the workplace more functional, but it helps keep it more organized too.

Planning For Ergonomics and More 

Last but not least, it’s important to remember that your command center is only as successful as the team running it. Even if it’s the most beautiful space in the world, the center won’t be effective if not built with comfort and usage in mind. Using ergonomic and smart design will ensure that your team can work in comfort. It’s critical to remember that in a space as critical as a command center, having happy, attentive staff is paramount.

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