Create an Inviting Office Reception Area with These Elements

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What furniture and elements create an inviting office reception area?

The reception area is the first spot everyone sees as they walk into your office. And it’s also the last area they pass on their way out. Although everyone knows that a cheerful receptionist is the best way to greet people in the office, what furniture and elements create an inviting office reception area?

A Desk is Vital in Every Reception Area

Almost every office reception area has a desk. This is the spot where visitors know they can be directed in the right direction or get their questions answered. In addition, an excellent desk complements your office space and is consistent with your business branding. Also, ensure there is a clear footpath between the desk and your company’s entryway. Visitors will often fill out or sign forms, so consider the lighting in front of the desk.

Provide Comfortable Accent Chairs

While you hope never to keep visitors waiting too long, you should include comfortable, stylish seating in case they do. The suitable chairs can provide a great place to sit and enhance the overall style of your office reception area. If your reception desk has bold colors, chairs in neutrals such as tan, gray, or white can make a softer feel. Contact your local office furniture company, Edwards & Hill, at 301-317-4250 for furniture line options!

If your office reception area has a neutral color, select chairs with a pop of color to brighten up the space. Even though you don’t usually have guests waiting, we recommend a minimum of two chairs. Therefore, adding chairs to your reception area creates a welcoming environment.

Include Greenery Throughout Your Office

A grand reception area needs more than a desk and a few chairs. Companies are including plants throughout their office. Additionally, plants enhance productivity and the ability to concentrate. If plants can make your employees happy, include them in your office reception area! Besides happy guests and clients, plants provide natural brightness and light to your site.

When you plan your office reception area, begin with function first. Ensure to include all of the necessary elements to accommodate your guests. Lastly, eliminate any obstacles to a smooth entry to ensure your reception area is inclusive to all potential guests.

Choose Edwards & Hill for Your Office Furniture and Design Needs

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