Advantages of Adding Standing Desks to Your Workplace

edwards & hill adding standing desks to your workplace

Read on for the advantages of a standing desk in the workspace.

Do you experience discomfort in your back after a long day sitting in the office? Besides incorporating movement into your day whenever you can, we recommend adding standing desks to your workplace. Read on for the advantages of a standing desk in the workspace.

Increase Your Energy Levels and Productivity

By opting to stand rather than sit, you will minimize weight gain, obesity, and backache symptoms and increase your energy levels. As a result, you will optimize your productivity at work. For many of us who spend a whole day sitting down, this provokes our spine to curve.

Instead, adding standing desks to your workplace will be beneficial. Additionally, moving from a standing to a seating position every half-hour during the day minimizes employee fatigue levels. You will likely be pain-free when using sit-stand desks rather than regular desks.

Benefit from a Healthy Lifestyle

Why not invest positively in your overall health by adding standing desks to your workplace? While you may not feel like running in the dark, this still doesn’t mean you can’t stay active in the evenings. Contact Edwards & Hill Office Furniture at 301-317-4250 to explore our numerous furniture lines! When you choose to stand rather than sit, you will raise your metabolism and tone your core muscles.

Work in a Fresh, Stylish Office

Help boost your mood by putting your standing desk in a room with lots of natural sunlight. Likewise, you will feel supported and grounded by having many plants around your office. Studies have shown that many people link plants with relaxation, which is vital in minimizing your stress levels so that you can remain productive at work.

Also, we suggest positioning your standing desk in a room with little noise distractions. Besides reducing the amount of noise, create a calming working environment by keeping your workspace clean and organized.

Ultimately, there are many benefits to adding standing desks to your workplace besides the mental and physical benefits. If you’re seeking ways to incorporate a healthier lifestyle, then look no further with Edwards & Hill!

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