Trends for Higher Education Design

While there is constantly a spotlight on the designs of classrooms throughout the grade school level, people tend to forget the importance of classroom design within higher education as well. We forget that the purpose of college is to further our learning in hopes of finding success within the job market upon graduation. In order to do so, there needs to be focus placed on the classroom design within these universities to ensure students, no matter their age, are being placed in successful learning environments. Over the past few years, these four trends have stayed in the forefront of everyone’s mind when looking at classroom design within higher education.


  1. Library Space- As more information is provided online rather than in printed texts, libraries are being used as a space to not only study, but interact. More colleges are using their libraries to provide areas for students to relax and not just study for their midterms. You are seeing more lounge furniture and an increase in computers while the areas dedicated to books are becoming more compact.
  2. Flexible Space- Furniture is being built for higher education classrooms to allow movement easily and effectively. Instead of heavy desks and chairs facing a single, permanent board, classrooms have furniture that allows the professor to change the environment. This means lighter desks, chairs on wheels, and boards covering the walls to allow easy movement and better classes.
  3. Collaboration- More studies continue to show that collaboration among students and professors makes for a more productive class. This means that not only classrooms, but other areas within a campus are being designed to encourage collaboration between staff members along with student interaction.
  4. New Concepts- As studies continue to show that the traditional lecture is not as effective when teaching; more classrooms are beginning to incorporate furniture that can move and change. Instead of a single desk or podium at the front of a room, classrooms are being designed with technology and communication in mind. More classes are implementing “experimental” learning strategies instead of the previously used lecture methods, which means classrooms need to mirror that goal.


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